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Goddess awakened is a 12 week online immersive dive for women wishing to connect deeply with their own intimacy, sensuality and pleasure in life.

For women wishing to awaken and activate self love and embodied soul living.

Every fortnight we activate a universal energy through a guided meditation and I take you through embodiment practices to integrate into your daily practice.

Kick start your mornings with the morning chakra activation that will be guided by the goddess energy we are currently working with each fortnight.

Deep within us all lies a goddess dormant waiting to be released into the world where she activates light, love and universal healing. She is powerful beyond measure and can access limitless potential for pleasure, abundance and light energy in the world.

This is a space for women wanting more from intimacy for themselves. Driven to be deeply loved by themselves for their light and especially their darkness for without the dark the light does not exist. They are two parts of the whole.

Our activations begin with the earth goddess. She works profoundly within our earth star and base chakras and we will be amplifying the wisdoms and codes within these 2 energy centers.

Each activation and meditation will be pre-record on audio for you to listen to in the privacy of your own space and you will receive ongoing group support from me via the private facebook group.

What you receive:

  • Fortnightly goddess activations

  • Morning chakra activations with each goddess energy

  • Facebook private group to delve into deeper exploration as a group. Includes journal prompts and weekly live talks with Julia.

What is an activation?

An activation is an awakening of an energy in your body. I guide you through this process through channeled meditations of each of the goddess energies. You will explore over the course of 12 weeks ways to become deeply attuned to how you need to meditate, and how you can generate light and energy in your entire being. 

The 6 goddess activations we will be awakening and embodying are the:

  • Earth Goddess

  • Water goddess

  • Fire goddess

  • Moon goddess

  • Wind/Air goddess

  • Sun goddess

Begins June 2022. Dates to come.

Investment in your sensuality: $249 in full or payment plan option below.

Please email Julia at feelittohealit@outlook.com for more info or to join.,

**if you did this course in 2021 you have free access to this next round.

Payment plans available upon request.