Heart Healing
Kinesiology Training

This introductory level course is designed by Toni Lilley and Gregory Galton gives a deep insight into the heart brain connection and how we can use them to create lasting change in our lives as well as our clients. Heart healing Kinesiology training will equip you to balance meridians, chakras, resident degenerative thought patterns and much more.. The course is a fantastic foundation for practitioner wishing to delve deeper into the emotional body and clear long lasting stress.

It is suitable for entry level students aspiring towards becoming a Kinesiology practitioner, other therapists familiar with muscle testing and those Kinesiologists who may wish to delve into a new emotional area of Kinesiology. 

Heart Healing is accredited for 65 Category A hours with the Australian Kinesiology Association and is also accredited with the AIK.

Ran over 6 days, the course covers topics such as:

  • Muscle testing

  • Chakras

  • Meridians

  • Colour therapy

  • Sound 

  • Frozen Heart

  • Psycho Neural Centers

  • Resident degenerative thought forms

  • Vortex energy

  • Shells

  • Emotional stress release

  • Crystals

  • Water therapy- self messages, infusing with crystals

  • Figure 8 energy 

and much more!


Whilst Kinesiology muscle testing experience is beneficial it is not vital.

Location: Seaford, Victoria. June 2022.

Dates: To be advised

Course cost:

$1200 in full or $1300 via payment plan (please contact Julia for more information).

This includes your Heart Healing manual, workbook and all marking and training fees. Morning and afternoon tea supplied.

Day 1

Muscle monitoring, circuit locating, Meridians, Chakras, ESR (emotional stress response), self responsibility & more

Day 2

Circuit retaining, finger modes, surrogacy, suppression, Heart brain integration, Freeze frame & more

Day 3

Colour therapy, sound balances, crystals, water, vortex energy, shells, spirals, figure eight energy. 

Day 4

Card interpretation, runes,  numerology, essences, frozen heart, heart healing balance.

Day 5

Esoteric constitution, chakra balance, 4th ether, Psycho Neural, Transpersonal self, clearing blockages of consciousness

Day 6

Physical values, symbols and logos, Heart Healing balances, oral assessment, written assessment.


Completion of workbook and submission of feedback form. 

Awarded certificate of competency once workbook is completed.