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When emotions are high, reactivity increases!

Our emotional state can significantly influence our decision-making process. When emotions run high, whether it's due to stress, excitement, anger, or fear, our ability to think clearly and make rational choices often becomes impaired. This occurs because heightened emotions can cloud our judgment and reduce our capacity to process information logically.

As a result, we may find ourselves making decisions that we later recognize as less desirable or even regrettable. It's crucial to be aware of this tendency and strive to manage our emotions effectively, ensuring that we approach important decisions with a calm and clear mind.

One effective way to achieve emotional balance and enhance our awareness of the stresses that disrupt our energy body is through kinesiology. Booking a kinesiology session can help you address and manage your emotional reactivity. Kinesiology techniques are designed to identify and alleviate imbalances in your energy body, promoting overall well-being and enabling you to maintain a clearer, more focused state of mind.

If you'd like to chat to me about Kinesiology and how it could benefit you, please reach out to me.


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