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This one day face to face workshop is for Kinesiologists and energy workers to learn this incredible tool for balancing soul mode energy in the body.


Suitable for all levels of energy workers, you'll learn how to muscle test, find emotions and blocks and balance each of the four soul modes.

Soul modes provides a deeper understanding of ourselves and the women in our lives and when we team it with the energy balancing methods of kinesiology and vibrational remedies we can bring the body into a beautiful state of homeostasis and teach ourselves and others how to key into these energy states for optimum emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

Soul modes Kinesiology is a powerful tool for therapists to use as it assists us to understand our clients on a deeper level and how their energy changes during and after their appointment. We can better prepare ourselves and our clients to empower and generate a self reverence and empathy for all we are going through.

The workshop includes:


  • A deep dive into each of the fours soul modes and their relating chinese elements.

  • Balancing each mode within the body and learning what each mode desires and needs to feel fulfilled.

  • You'll learn the various vibrational energy tools you can use with clients i.e. sound therapy, movement, meditation, colour therapy, essential oils, crystals and more.

  • Soul modes emotions chart for you to use for yourself or in your practice.

  • Energy balancing protocol sheet

  • Catered vegan and gluten free lunch and Afternoon tea.



More info to come.

Soul modes chart

A must have for energy workers wanting to balance soul energy. This chart enables you to find correlating emotions, meridians and elements to help clients achieve homeostasis in their soul modes.

Printed on a beautiful satin finish this chart looks stunning on a clinic wall and sparks many conversations with clients.


Available in sizes A4-A0

Please contact Julia to order. Pick up or post options available.

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