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About Julia

I began my experience with Kinesiology back in 2017 when I was 3 children into motherhood and ready to step into a new career.

Through my love of psychology, personal belief systems, body therapy and all things health I found Counselling Kinesiology to be the vehicle to express all these areas of passion and experience within me.

Life teaches us that which we are here to share and empower others with and it is my greatest honour to have the career I do. 

I love to move my body and continue to develop a balanced practice of doing and being in the world. It is my hope to assist others to find their own homeostasis whatever that may look like for them and be a guiding support when it feels like life is heavier than we wish it to be.

I would love to work with you if you feel the call. 

Everything going on your body is connected. Your emotions, beliefs, past experience, and physical health all contribute to the state you are in right now.

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