About Julia

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Australia in 2004 to pursue my career in Performing Arts. I have always loved teaching and performing so I ended up teaching ballroom and latin dancing and competing Nationally and Internationally with my husband Chris.


After having my 3 children, I felt I had given my all to mothering but was ready for the next stage in my own growth. For many years I loved learning all I could about self development and psychology. Fuelled by this passion, and the new challenges parenthood presented, I started taking personal development and relationship courses and learning all I could about why people behave the way they do.


A few years later I stumbled upon Kinesiology and at that very moment I knew I had found the career path I had been searching for. All the confusion about what was next suddenly made perfect sense and my intuition catapulted me into Kinesiology.  I went on to study Counselling Kinesiology as well as Chakras, Meridians, the traditional chinese 5 elements, and  currently I am heading towards couples counselling kinesiology.

Kinesiology has been incredible for myself and my family and friends. I am deeply grateful to have such a valuable toolkit.

I look forward to seeing where Feel it to heal it can take you.

Julia Poppleton
Registered Counselling Kinesiologist 

Everything going on your body is connected. Your emotions, beliefs, past experience, and physical health all contribute to the state you are in right now.

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