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"And out of no way, a way will be made".

I shared this quote by Michael Beckwith on my insta page today because I am a living testament to the fact that it is true.

When we leap and trust the universe, amazing things happen. I should add that the leaps feel right. You know that deep feeling inside when you just know to do something?

So, I have 2 main stories about this to share. I’ll go with the earliest one first.

When I was 18, I had been studying full time dance and musical theatre which was my absolute passion. I loved where I lived in wellington, New Zealand but I knew deep inside there was some place else for me to be. I auditioned for 2 dance schools one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. The reason I was looking outside of NZ was because as a performer there weren’t many opportunities (paid anyway). I got into a school in Melbourne and with just over a month to get my shit together I started planning.

I had no savings. All I had was my possessions. So, I sold everything I had a bought a one-way ticket to Melbourne. I should add I had never left New Zealand, ever! After buying my ticket and passport all I had left was $100.

So crazy as it was, I jumped on a plane, had no idea where I was going to live except that the dance school were going to help me or how I would ever fund the dance course fees and living expenses.

Looking back, I see how absolutely nuts I was, yet it all fell into place. I only stayed at the dance school a short while as I found a dance teaching job and that’s where I met my dance partner/husband. And the rest is history!

I am so glad looking back that no one stopped me and said, “what the hell are you doing?” because I knew deep inside there was a calling for me to move to Melbourne. It was not all sunshine and rainbows, but things kept unfolding. A director I met at the dance agency pulled his show and I just happened (divine intervention) to bump into him at my work on the complete other side of Melbourne and I ended up in his show!

You see some things are meant to unfold and though we can’t see how, if we can trust and follow the lead of our intuition, amazing things occur.

The other example I can give is my Kinesiology study. We were already scraping by to make ends meet yet once I found this calling, I knew inside the very core of my being that it was right. That all the times we got down to the last dollar or no dollars left at all, that it was going to turn around and it has.

I can’t stress to you enough to have faith. To follow what feels right because it feels right because it is right! Trust the road will keep unfolding as it does when you drive at night. You don’t stop because you can’t see far ahead.

love & gratitude


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