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Bear mode. When you just cant be stuffed.

Bear mode. When you can't be f'd doing much at all. When tiredness hits you like a ton of bricks and you just want peace and quiet.

About 18 months ago at a women's circle I saw this young woman who said she was in sparkle mode. "What on earth is she talking about?" I said to myself. I was so intrigued by her energy and I knew there was a calling towards her.

Thank you to social media I was able to stumble upon this amazing woman and her creation, soul modes. Carlie Maree entered my life and has taken me on an incredible journey. She is now a mentor, friend and coach of mine who I hold immense gratitude for.

Carlie discovered these 4 energetic souls inside us as women (currently only researched in women aka those who identify as a woman). They are; wild, bear, super and sparkle mode. I'm in bear mode right now and I can tell you as an entrepreneur bear mode can be brutal if you don't know how to love on it.

Usually I can work with my bear mode reasonably well. She likes baths, slow walks, yin yoga, naps or sipping a hot chocolate on the couch. But today she hit me harder than she has for a while. This is highly likely because I made a bold statement of growth to the universe just a few days ago so in enters the depths to be released that cannot be a part of this next phase.

Before I knew about soul modes I would push through. I valued doing over being and bear mode is all about being. It is when our nervous system is in rest and recovery. Our kidneys regenerate which in chinese medicine, relates to our life force energy. It is when we go internal and we find the hidden layers of ourselves ready to be healed and transformed. Ignore it and it'll return the next bear mode and usually with interest added on top. Work with it and you'll hit a powerful super mode right after and feel a renewed sense of energy and capacity to get shit done!

My bear mode today is all fear based. The ego has come into play which is fearing lack, not enough, something missing. My soul knows this is not true but often in bear we can get all the unconscious beliefs come into consciousness! This is the challenge. It is like facing the hardest layers of yourself. But wow when you do the changes that follow are worth their weight in gold!

My biggest tip for bear mode? Don't push through. Allow the slowness. Know that when you rest there is so much going on inside! Your organs are cleansing and regenrating. Your nervous system is upgrading to hold the new projects, ideas, tasks and inspiration you desire. And what's really important is do not throw anything out in bear! Don't get the inspiration that came to you in your wild mode and throw it in the bin. Ride the bear wave first then see how you feel.

Lastly just be gentle with yourself. Wild mode can be sweary, pissed off, ranty and just a bit full on when it's not able to express the way it needs so when bear rolls around after we can go into guilt, shame and self punishment. Just know you're not crazy. Forgive yourself. the more you learn about these 4 energy states as women the more freedom you have to live the life your soul desires and release the shoulds and have tos.

If you would like to check out more of my soul modes journey head over to @feel_it_to_heal_it on instagram.



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