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Big change comes through tiny steps.

I woke early this morning and spent some time in my journal asking what I could contribute to the world today that was free and would be of value and use. What came to me was something I often have to remind myself of and when I look back over my growth over the past decade, I can see this rings true. Change occurs through regular tiny actions.

When we are on a growth journey, and I find this especially true for those of us who had fractured relationships with caregivers, we can hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and take away our freedom to make mistakes. We can end up blurring who we are in those moments of error with people from our past and send ourselves into a spiral of shame or punishment telling ourselves we are just like them. We can miss the opportunity for growth due to an old story covering our perception. Challenge is inevitable

in life, and it presents to make us not break us. Problems are portals to new ways of being on the other side for us.

So how do we change the way we respond to life? It starts by being aware of the narratives we place upon things in our lives. Most of what we experience in life our mind will create a narrative about. There's a great quote by Shakespeare "Nothing is either good or bad only thinking makes it so". That quote sums up to me how we often decide in ourselves whether something is happening for us or to us. I often ask myself "what is the story I am creating about this?". Once we are aware we can begin to choose again and ask ourselves "what else might be true?".

Awareness is everything. If we can start to be aware of how and why we do things the way we do, we can start to map out new pathways of change. By challenging our thoughts, we begin to open our perception wider to see situations and the world in a new light thus creating a new reality.

There is a key step to get us to awareness that we must take on a daily basis. Time to self for self. Tiny moments of connection with ourselves to create space for our mind to breathe and come into a more open state. You can find this for yourself by asking yourself "what activities enable me to let go of thought and just be in myself?". It's a different answer for everyone but for me it's things like walking in nature, breathing exercises, yoga, baths, music & song, reading, puzzles and journaling. I would love to hear what it is for you! Make a commitment to yourself to slot these connection activities into your days and remember tiny is mighty. It doesn't have to be huge amounts of time it can be micro moments and it will have an effect! Small daily actions lead to big leaps of change.

So go explore what tiny actions you could take for yourself today and just keep telling yourself that tiny is mighty! Nurture yourself every day and show yourself compassion on this ever-changing journey of life.



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