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Hacking your own motivation cycles

Soul modes. Two words that literally changed my life at lightening speed and accelerated my personal and career growth.

What are soul modes? They are energetic motivation states that cycle through the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and if we know about them, then we can work with them. It's the age old saying of knowledge is power.

The four soul modes are wild, bear, super and sparkle and they each have a deep desire and need to be fulfilled in order for our true potential to be brought into fruition.

Wild mode is our inner visionary. The woman within us who has had enough and wants change. She is very much the driver for me and will often send me into new areas of life by taking quantum leaps. She is the jump and the universe will catch you mode. For some like me this is a dominant mode and can come naturally but for others this can feel terribly uncomfortable.

Wild mode comes with irritation, frustration and at times a bit of rage so for those who might struggle with anger expression it can feel frightening or shameful. By learning about wild mode we can harness her energy instead of battling with it and use it to generate our heart-felt passions and desires.

After wild mode comes bear. The hibernation mode. The desire to be left the heck alone. To have stillness, rest, recovery and slowness. It is the time when our nervous system needs to recover. There is so much internal growth and regulating that happens here yet we so often de-value rest in our society. We are quick to rush from one thing to another and to label ourselves as lazy or procrastinators if we slow down or stop. But these times are vital. Our internal organs need it!

Super mode flows in after bear mode and if you've recovered well and rested in your bear she is a force to be reckoned with. She gets it all done! Plans, organizes, structures, builds the things the wild woman has thrown you into. I love to run and move in super mode. It feels good to write lists, map things out and I will fast track the things that if I attempted it in bear mode would have taken me all day!

The cycle finishes with sparkle mode. It's the time to celebrate all we have achieved in the cycle of the modes and connect deeply with our feminine and nurture ourselves and those around us. Sparkle mode is the social butterfly. She loves people and fun and play! I find this mode move quick for me being a mother but I have now come to a place of really embracing it. It used to be my most difficult mode. Again like bear it is a slowing down energy but it's slow to be in the moment. To be present and enjoy the fruits of our labour. It's the feeling of working to live not living to work. Sparkle is the living.

When I discovered Carlie Maree's soul modes I knew instantly they applied to all areas of my life and started to track them daily and move, fuel and create my work in the world based on these energies. I can honestly say by using these I have created a life beyond what I thought was capable in a short space of time and I am thrilled to be licensed and certified in soul modes so I can share this work far and wide in the world.

I would love to deepen the conversation with you about soul modes and if you'd like to hear more please come find me on facebook or instagram as feel it to heal it.



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