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Our body talks to us

Whatever is happening in our bodies physically is an expression of what is also happening on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. It's not new information that stress causes illness in the body yet we still seem to wait until we are in dire straits to seek balance. Why is it that most of us wait until we are sick to get healthy? Is this a pattern we picked up from our own parents? Possibly. I know as a child I never heard the words self-care or self-love or even "me" time. My mother never took a sick day and we never went to a doctor or took days off school unless we were literally falling apart. Now we have parents allowing their kids to have mental health days but I am curious if they give those to themselves?

What if we could better attune to our bodies and how they are expressing and communicating to us on a daily basis. Well we can. But to do so we need to place a priority on our health. A few days ago I had a values epiphany and realised that although my values did not include things like cleaning the house, my time expenditure told a completely different story. I was often rushing around cleaning first which means it was my unconscious top value because it was coming before anything else.

So I decided that I was going to change that. I was going to start every day with one of my top 5 values and not touch cleaning until I had done at least one of my top values.

I can't begin to tell you how much more chilled I have felt and most suprisingly the cleaning is getting done faster and my kids are helping more! Amazing! Why is this relevant? Because we need to place value on our needs first. Only by meeting our own needs can we then give out to those around us from a heart felt space. It also allows us to sit in the flow of our life versus feeling a slave to the to do list.

I am always fascinated but also not surprised when I work with clients in my Kinesiology business and see childhood milestones and events pop up in relation to their current goal. Why does this happen you might be asking? Well it is because your body has memory. Not just your brain but your entire nervous system is wired to fire up based on early childhood programming. The awesome thing is that therapies like Kinesiology have the ability to restructure the body's response. Sometimes it is literally just tuning into your own body and expressing what is sitting in there emotional or mentally and other times it might be that your body needs certain foods, exercise, affirmations and various other methods to shift into a new way.

I would love to see more and more people connect back into themselves and attune with their bodies needs on a daily basis. Health is wealth. It is better to do a prevention than seek a cure!



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