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Trusting in your own unfolding

Brene Brown says "comparison is the thief of joy" and boy is she right. When we compare we are doing so out of fear. We desire certainty and answers. Why them? What about me?

Our spirit within us knows there is divine time. That things unfold in their own unique time. The same plant produces many flowers that all bloom at different times. We are just like that. The world is designed so we all bloom at different rates.

So how do we keep going when we start to lose faith? Usually the point where we want to give up is right when we are on the verge of the breakthrough. I often use the analogy of a child learning to walk to my clients. They don't give up when they fall. Yes they get frustrated, angry or even cry but they don't try it and then say oh well walking's just not for me!

Maybe I am not meant to walk? It sounds ridiculous when we put it that way doesn't it? Well whatever desires, directions or purpose you have been handed is meant for you! You would not have it come to your mind and body if it was not fit for you.

So how do we keep faith when we feel defeated? For me it's about taking the time with it. When I feel burnt out, taking time to rest. Re-cooperate and get ready for the next burst. We are meant to go forth then rest, then go again, rest again. So it's about pausing when you feel like giving up. Giving yourself a moment to breathe. To tend to your vitals. I find for me exercise, movement, baths and sometimes a nap give me the recharge I need to get me ready to push on again.

If we can all learn to let go of the expectation of our path to look like anyone else we can be free from the pressure we put on ourselves. Trust in your own divine unfolding. That nothing is ever wasted. All is utilized to get you to where you are heading.

You've got this! You are growing, thriving and changing. Trust in your process.



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