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When the universe shoves you off the cliff

Wow what a month March is turning out to be and what a year for people like me in Australia. First the bush fires now the crazy corona! What a test it is right now!

Some may be excited for home school (I'm not there yet myself) and there are lots of positives to think about but boy has the universe dropped the mother of all bombs on the entire world. Was it all meant to shake us up and wake us up to the damage our planet has suffered? Possibly. Whatever the purpose it doesn't change the fact this is going to be one hell of a tough ride for us all. I don't think a single person in our world won't come out affected in some way. A great deal will go through financial challenge, some will find health a struggle, others may have relationship problems, and some will go through all of those and more. If ever there was a time to get clear on what's important to us it is now.

A week ago my husband and I knew that we would no longer have employment for a while with the gyms and health clubs we were working at closing. For years we had toyed with stepping into a global reach with our skills but we always got too busy with the day to day to create it. We were standing on a metaphorical edge for years too scared to dive in. And then all this happened. The rug pulled out beneath us all and forced us to either evolve or repeat. I'll always choose evolve.

It's times like these I am so thankful for the study I have done and the work I do in Kinesiology as it has given me the ability to have faith even when things are completely crumbling around me.

I am sad I will not be treating in person clients for an unknown amount of time. It is like a life force energy for me. I was put here to help others. I am however moving to online sessions during this all and once again I am pulled into growth as I learn a new skill and tailor my services in a new way.

I want you all to know whatever state you are in today it is ok to be feeling those feels. We are all going to have days where we surge forwards and then others where we feel completely overwhelmed and want to give up. Filter your socials. Some days you wont be able to tolerate the people that on other you love their work.

Above all else. Do whatever it takes to balance your mind and body. Shift your emotions through movement. I find cardio exercise is awesome for this. Anything that gets your heart rate up (even sex haha). Soak in the bath on slow low energy days. You have got this! The greater the challenge, the greater the reward at the end.

With gratitude,


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