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Clear the mind to clear the path

You'd be forgiven for having lost your sense of positivity right now amidst one of the world’s biggest financial crisis's. It can be extremely difficult to tune into our faith and abundance when things seem to be on the downturn however there are things, we can do to re-align ourselves with the abundant nature of the world we live in.

We live in a universe of polarities. For every positive charge there is an equal and opposing negative. For every person struggling there is another thriving and we can start to wonder why it is some people are destined it seems to struggle whilst others appear to have all the luck and abundance.

I can promise you luck has zero to do with it. We are all atoms vibrating. We are all energy. Energy has a frequency and when that frequency is tuned into opportunity, abundance, thriving, then we magnetize those very things towards us. When we are in a mindset of lack, not enough, struggle or that things are falling apart, we unintentionally block all the opportunities and possibilities that are available to us.

I kid you not the times I meditate and clear my mind, instantly after clients have booked, money has shown up, opportunities arise. You see the universe doesn't see size. It responds to energy frequency. It wants to support us and bring abundance.

My biggest tip would be to clear your mind. Do whatever it is that clears you mentally and gets you into a state of gratitude, love, joy, play, abundance. Then surrender. Know that it's coming. Know that all you need to do is be open to how, when, why, who, what. Allow yourself to be guided and follow the small steps that lead you. The key is to get the thinking mind out of the way and sink into your knowing.

You'll know deep in your bones where to go next. You'll know when something feels right for you or when something feels forced as you fear not jumping in.



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