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No end in sight yet for Victoria

Hearing the quick headlines today about our coronavirus numbers in Victoria it is really disheartening. Talk about a test of faith! To be in this second lockdown and have our biggest numbers yet is a real mind f*@k.

I can choose to be pulled into the doom and gloom or I can choose to feel the shitty feelings then dust myself off and get going again. The fact I have 3 young kids means the doom and gloom attitude is not an option.

So what has gone so wrong in Victoria? Why have we so epically screwed this up? From a small business point of view it is frustrating. To see other services open serving hundreds of people daily yet I can't treat one on one is really disappointing.

Anyway you can see my agitation about this all. My story aside I wanted to share with you how we can keep on keeping on even when things can feel royally fudged.

Firstly connecting into your faith. Whatever that is. For me I know I have guides and guardians who keep me going and make sure I have what I need. We all have this. I find simply by breathing and centering my body my nervous system calms and I can then plug into proactive steps.

What we don't want to do is dismiss others or our own struggle right now. Honour how you are feeling. Express it in whatever way feels cathartic for you. I need a sulk in the bath some days or an angry frustrated run (always so my best times then haha). By allowing your body to release how it is feeling, it then can return to equilibrium. You see animals do this instinctively and children too. It seems to get drummed out of us in childhood as it's deemed inappropriate or wrong. What we miss is that the healing is the feeling! The feeling needing expression is what it wants to shift. It wants to be seen, loved, validated and heard. How many times have you talked with a friend who just listened and then felt instantly better? The power of being heard and seen is remarkable.

Though we can't yet see an end to this all in sight I know that all things eventually come to an end. We don't have to know when, how or why but simply we can trust and allow ourselves to flow with what is. Making the best of what we can. Doing what we can with the resources we have.

Please know I am here as a support. I am treating clients online and would love to assist in supporting you through this time.



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